boohoo. i'm sick. this year is the first year since i've lived in austin that i didn't get a sxsw wristband. i was convinced that i would be able to get my fill of free music at day shows which are typically more fun than showcases anyway. i still think this is true. but i feel like poo and didn't go to any shows yesterday. i'm going to drag my ass to red's scoot inn for some goodness. (although the bands i really want to see play after i have to be at the hideout.) tomorrow i will got to the i eat records (jason's label) day show at spiderhouse and then at night will go to the secretly canadian/jagjaguwar showcase. i really will. i will feel well enough for this.

ggg does a musical tonight. looks like we are going to be short some folks. i tend to prefer doing shows with a smaller cast so i am Excited.
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burnt chocolate chip cookies (vegan and wheat-free)

this sums up my evening. meeting with advisor tomorrow. she wants L^2 estimates. i have 3 or 4 different (not equivalent) versions of the same equation. so many indices that my eyes are crossing.

so i have been pondering more important things. like what if there really were fart clown glasses or clown fart glasses or clown glasses fart. they would look like this:

but instead of spraying water, they would spray:

OR they would be the glasses worn by this gentleman.

over the weekend i went to a movie with a boy. we argued about feminism. his shoulders have distracted me in class every day this week. i think we are just buddies. sparf.
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(no subject)

the girls kicked off our ggg performance bootcamp last night to a nearly empty house. the thursday show is taking longer to build momentum than we thought, although we didn't do much to advertise for it, as we are trying to promote our valentine's day extravaganza. we are premiering a new format--the improvised romantic comedy (in musical form, of course), although last night's show definitely had that flavor. we are premiering ANOTHER new format next saturday night at carousel lounge--our improvised cabaret. our ball and chain pat will be out of town so we have a sweet young thang matt playing with us. he is great. finally, we are performing the fronterafest wildcard matinee on saturday. totally hooked us up with a riproaring trailer. link will go HERE as soon as its on our website.

one of my math friends solved a big unsolved problem today, which is fantastic for him. but i'm feeling a little inadequate. my thesis work is more on considering a particular setting and seeing if i can discover anything interesting about it. its not so clean as having a specific problem to solve. nor is it immediately obvious that the math world is going to care about what i'm doing. arggh. i hope my whole life as a researcher isn't fraught with such trivial petty insecurities.
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alone in rlm

i'm the only person here. the only lonely moaningly person in rlm tonight. except for the cleaning people who scared me because i had my headphones on.

i am currently trying to prove a bbs-type estimate (bernstein-bando-shi) for one of my curvature terms. but i have a stupid stupid bratty pompous overfed self-centered drama queen grad R*grad F*F term that won't be controlled. not even by the maximum principle. stupid unruly term.

OH but ggg made wildcard for fronterafest. hiphiphooray. and we are doing a show on v-day which will save me the trouble of glaring at my couply-inclined friends when they ask me if i have any plans.

i wish there was someone here to talk to. lalalalala. even the guy across the hall who hacks and sneezes and harrumphs unceasingly.

also my fingers are officially broken. another math guy broke his jaw in the im bball game and another one got a fat lip. i was not responsible. nor can i play for 6 weeks. blabbetyblabbetyblabbety.
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broken fingers

i think i might have. or else they are jammed really fucking good. every sunday i play basketball with math boys. i'm the only girl. someone usually gets hurt and the game goes on. today i got hurt and everyone stood around and looked uncomfortable. i tried to get back in the game but they were letting me take shots they never would have on another day. so i left.

but my fingers really hurt.
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what is cabaret

i am trying to research cabaret conventions for a new girls girls girls format (to be premiered on feb 18th at carousel lounge with hitchhike), and i am having a hell of a time of it.

is cabaret a specific style of theater? or is it just a catch-all term for people doing songs with patter in a smallish room? does cabaret imply spectacle (like in the eponymous musical)?

recent life lessons include: giving math people whiskey exponentially increases the probability that they will be obnoxious to you and your other friends; the mall has cute pants that are too small and dorky pants that fit; even though 1 box of conversation hearts is only $0.33, it should not be eaten all at once upon penalty of tooth/stomachache.
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inappropriate footwear

why do i always think that cute boy will be interested in what i'm wearing? in particular, in my hot hot boots? of course he didn't notice them (or me) and now i have to go teach across campus and its raining and my feet hurt.

for the record, they're like this (in brown):

i wish they were like this:

being progressive

when i was younger (like in my early 20's), i was so militantly progressive that i could barely carry on conversations with conservatives, much less have them as friends. i just got an email from the most conservative person i know. he is also the only person in berkeley i trusted enough to tell what i was going through.

i'm so progressive.
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my intern

i guess i'm officially an adult. or the man. or something. i had my first meeting today with my very own personal intern. in actuality he's the intern for my class. but still.

yesterday i ate too many red lip-shaped cookies. today i have a stomach ache.
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GGG presents...

The Producers!!

Tonight at 8 pm at the Hideout, the girls of Girls Girls Girls host some of our favorite Austin improvisers in the premeire of a new format. Some of these improvisers can sing. Some of these improvisers can dance. Some of these improvisers even have boy parts. Join us for an evening of fun, musical, fun!