andreay85 (andreay85) wrote,

the quest for balance

i am never good at striking any sort of balance in my life. the whole month of april and beginning of may, i basically did math without stopping. i attended other events, but my thoughts were always on crosscurvature flow. now its improv. this week i have done 5 shows, 2 rehearsals and 1 workshop. the workshop was with mac and it was fantastic. i don't know what it is, but he creates a magical space. most of the most satisfying, compelling scenes i've done have been in his workshops. and i felt very connected with the other workshop members, only one of whom do i perform with on a regular basis. he is a magician. a macgician. i am not funny.

roxie has chewed up a great many things recently, i think bc i have been busy. she keeps heightening her destruction. the latest casualty was my friend's credit card and book that i was supposed to return for him while he was in china. he does not know his credit card was destroyed. he will come back on friday with his other credit card undoubtably maxed out and will be very very mad at me.
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