December 9th, 2006



i officially decided that i am going to run the 3m half marathon in january. running this race had been something of a tradition for me (if two years in a row constitutes tradition). last year, health problems precluded my beloved way to spend an early january morning. i went for a successful 8 mile run today, so i decided that i can do it. PLUS, the course goes right in front of my house. this really doesn't matter that much, but roxie likes to sit on the ottoman in front of the window and look out, so i can wave to her as i run by. when i was little, my mom used to run the erie marathon which went right in front of my great great aunt's house. so i would go and sit out on the porch and cheer for her.

ggg goes to see diamond smugglers tonight. we very rarely get to spend non-business time together as a group, so i am super excited :)
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